Elder Law Planning

Family PhotosIt is very difficult to deal with the aging process for you or your loved ones and the many decisions that must be made along the way. Long-term care costs can be exorbitant and can deplete your entire estate in just a few years if you fail to plan properly. It therefore is imperative to understand the complex legal ramifications of your actions and how even a simple gift, the wrong advice or an improperly filed Medicaid application can adversely impact your ability to qualify for government assistance or get into the nursing home of your choice. A simple 30-day delay in qualifying for Medicaid benefits could cost you $15,000.

Proper planning and knowledge is critical. An experienced elder law attorney will help guide you throughout the process and provide you with specialized advice and recommendations that will empower you to make the right decisions for you and your family.


The Law Firm of Kelly Odorisi, P.C. can help you:

  • Analyze your ability to afford nursing home care with or without government assistance
  • Formulate the appropriate long-term care plan to help protect your assets and that suits your family’s needs
  • Process and file an application for Medicaid benefits so that you qualify for such benefits as soon as possible
  • Represent your interests with government agencies and organizations that may be involved in the long term care process

Note: As part of the planning process, it will be necessary for us to obtain some very important and private information about you, your family, your income and your assets. Please be assured that this sensitive information is held completely confidential in our office and will only be used for the purposes of creating the appropriate plan for you.