Estate Planning

FamilyHave you thought about what might happen to your loved ones or your assets when you die? Proper planning is critical in creating a comprehensive estate plan that will provide you with ultimate control over your legacy. Understanding the process is personal and sometimes very difficult. Therefore it is vital to work with an experienced estates and trusts attorney who understands your concerns and shares in this journey with you to create the appropriate plan that fits your individual needs. Proper planning will allow for a smooth transition of your assets to your loved ones and ensure that you have full control over who will serve as the fiduciaries under your Will or trust.


The term "estate plan" usually consists of a few very important documents:

  • Will or Trust
  • Power of Attorney
  • Health Care Proxy

We will create the set of documents that are appropriate for your specific needs.

Special Needs Planning

It is difficult to deal with the lifelong commitment to a child or a loved one with special needs. Proper planning is critical. As part of the planning process, it is important to understand the complex legal ramifications of your choices. The Law Firm of Kelly Odorisi, P.C. will discuss with you your concerns and individual needs to ensure that you have the appropriate documents and provisions in place to protect your loved one with special needs and ensure that governmental benefits are not at risk.

Advanced Directives

There may be times where you are not able to handle your own business affairs or make medical decisions on your own. Therefore it is imperative that you have the appropriate set of documents, referred to as advanced directives, in place to enable someone else to handle these matters for you.
A Health Care Proxy enables another individual to speak with medical providers and make end of life decisions for you if you cannot communicate those wishes yourself. Although it can be a difficult and emotional process, thinking about your wishes and taking control over who should make those decisions for you now will prevent uncertainty for your family.
A Power of Attorney names another individual (or more) to handle your business affairs during your lifetime. Typically, this  document is important if you become incapacitated and cannot handle these types of matters on your own. A properly executed Power of Attorney can also ensure that a trusted individual can continue planning programs that you have put in place but can no longer implement.


Note: As part of the planning process, it will be necessary for us to obtain some very important and private information about you, your family and your assets. Please be assured that this sensitive information is held completely confidential in our office and will only be used for the purposes of creating the appropriate estate plan for you.